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Instructions for Authors

Please write your muniscript according to MS Submision Rules and submit your MS at

Main Body of the Manuscript Submitted to EJER IMPORTANT: Manuscript that do not follow the format specified by the journal will be rejected including;

1. Inappropriate to EJER Guidelines (i.e. Manuscript format is not appropriate),

2. Lack of originality, novelty, or significance (i.e. Results that are not generalizable,)

3. Mismatch with the journal (i.e. Topics that are not of interest to the journal's readership)

4. Flaws in study design (i.e. Choice of a weak or unreliable method)

5. Poor Writing and Organization (i.e. Insufficient explanation of the rationale for the study, Inadequate description of methods)

1. The basic structure for a paper in EJER format includes five components: ( Please do not use numbering in the main text )

Title of the paper

Structured Abstract in English

Main Body of the paper(Introduction, Research questions/hypothesis, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations References)

Extended Turkish Abstract (700-900 words) only for Turkish Authors

2. Structured "Abstract in English" should be 200-250 words in length and must include following Subheading:

Purpose: State the problem in field. Then explain the purpose of the study.

Method: Specify the research design, sample and research instrument and data analysis in brief.

Findings: Highlight the significant, interesting or surprising results.

Implications for Research and Practice: Draw implications of the results for practice what we have learned to draw implications for future research 

Keywords: 3-5 key words not included in the manuscript title.

Introduction: (Background of the Study, Rationale for the Study & Design, pertinent literature reviewed, literature reviewed organized and focused, research reviewed and critiqued in article, research questions/hypothesis ) In the first paragraph (introduction paragraph) please do not cite ant work. State the problem in the field (including, originality, novelty, or significance).

Method section should include following sub-heading;

Research Model/Design

Research Sample

Research Instrument and Procedure 

Data Analysis

Results (Findings) (Tables APA 6)

Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations

References (APA 6 Manual)

Extended Turkish Abstract (compulsory only for Turkish authors)


1. UPLOAD your manuscript as a "main document" for peer review. Only the main document goes under review process automatically. 

2. Main document needs to be anonymised to allow for blinded review. 

3. Upload the "copy right and agreement form" at (under manuscript submission menu)

4. All files needs to be anonymised to allow for blinded review. 

5. See recently published manuscripts as a sample at